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Listening Room


 Listening Room

   Sample Tracks - mp3 files

  • Pumpkin's Delight    with James Williams, Billy Pierce   from CD "Groove All Around"  İGordon Grottenthaler
  • Back Door Blues   with Duke Robillard/Jay Geils/Gerry Beaudoin  from CD "New Guitar Summit" İStoney Plain Records   Amazon    
  • Mojo Hanna     with TJ Wheeler and the Smokers   from CD "Live At The Ottawa Blues Fest"  İDog Day Records
  • Morning Glory    with Herb Pomeroy and the Mark Kross Five-Piece Trio   from CD "Out Front"  İT-Bone Music  iTunes      
  • Takin' Care of Business  with Randy Bachman & New Guitar Summit  from CD "Jazz Thing II" İRanBach Music  iTunes    
  • Wholly Cats!    with Jay Geils and Scott Hamilton  from CD "Jay Geils Plays Jazz"  İStoney Plain Records    iTunes   
  • Can-O-Worms   with Herb Pomeroy and the Mark Kross Five-Piece Trio  from CD "Out Front." İT-Bone Music   iTunes  
  • Invitation     with James Williams, Billy Pierce   from CD "Groove All Around"    İGordon Grottenthaler
  • Too Young to Die  with Pat "Hatrack" Gallagher  from CD "It's All The Blues to Me" İHigh Desert Records  iTunes 
  • Honey Boy    with Jay Geils   from CD "Jay Geils Plays Jazz"   İStoney Plain Records  iTunes

  Youtube videos

  • Homestretch  (Joe Henderson)   Gordon Grottenthaler, Drums   Lou Stellute, Tenor Saxophone    Max Leake, Keyboards   Recorded at CJ's, Pittsburgh, PA   July 2008
  • Fishnet    (Duke Robillard)    
  • Swinging with Lucy Mae   (Duke Robillard)    
  • Blues-a-Rama  (Duke Robillard)    Gordon, Drums   Duke Robillard, Guitar   Doug James, Baritone Saxophone  Bruce Bears, Keyboards   Jon Ross, Bass   Recorded at the Concert Guild, Arden, DE   May 2008
  • How Odd of Love (Evelyn Hollar) Gordon Grottenthaler, Drums    Donna Bailey,  Vocals   Jason Hollar, Bass  Lou Stellute, Tenor Saxophone    Recorded at the Kean Theater, Pittsburgh, PA   March 2005
















Photo by Nick Puopolo